Scandinavian Friction is a part of Teknikprodukter and we will fix your friction – whether you want more of it or less.

Since 2015 Scandinavian Friction is its own subsidiary of Teknikprodukter, working with advanced solutions for customers in the service and maintenance areas.

As a subsidiary of Teknikprodukter, both our deliveries and invoices come from Teknikprodukter, but our solutions are a result of the expertise within Scandinavian Friction.

Whether you do your thing at the bottom of a mine, at the top of a wind turbine or in an industry somewhere in between, we are the problem solvers with both the broad-based yet leading-edge know-how you need to solve your friction challenges fast, flexibly and for the long term.

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Fredric Johansson
Phone: +46 76 119 42 00