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Welcome to Teknikprodukter

By choosing Teknikprodukter you will receive the best possible help in choosing the correct machine-part for your requirement.

Today we deliver individual components and complete solutions to small as well as large companies who build machines with advanced functions and to those who maintain machines and production-lines.

Our customers can be found in the food- medical- process- and mechanical engineering industries.

Teknikprodukter is a member of the listed company ADDTECH whose Business concept is to be:

“Value-adding tech provider”

Addtech offers high-tech, customized components and systems to both industrial companies and the service industry. Addtech’s subsidiaries serve as a value-adding link between manufacturers and customers. Addtech adds value through close co-operation with manufacturers and customers and the advanced technological know-how of its employees.

Du får alltid ett artigt bemötande av vår trevliga och tekniskt kunniga personal.

Technical skill

We will help you to choose the best product according to your needs with the right quality and price.

You can expect quick and accurate answers from our skilled personnel.

On time deliveries

Trouble free production for you

Easy for you to plan your maintenance schedule

Reduces your cost

High service level

Your needs always come first

Our personnel work hard to give you the best possible service

We always like to see a satisfied customer.

Wide product range

You can reduce the number of suppliers

You can reduce your freight costs

Working together we help improve the Environment

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